SoNoRo Conac—Music and Heritage Buildings (Demo)


Classical music and stunning, unexpected built environments was the concept for the SoNoRo Conac, a music event built around the desire to promote both chamber music and forgotten heritage buildings, some of them in great need of restoration and care.


This year′s 5th edition of SoNoRo Conac started in April, in Drobeta-Turnu Severin at Palatul Culturii Teodor Costescu and will continue through September. The next concert will be held in Constanța at the Casino on May 9th—you can see the entire programme here.


”SoNoRo Conac aims at bringing chamber music in spaces that were designed for this particular kind of events—concert halls or ballrooms in old mansions, sacred spaces with exceptional acoustics, but also impressive buildings with a past heavy with story. We are happy to invite the public on the 5th edition to discover these forgotten architectural monuments, while attending concerts that position the space and its functionality in the most appropriate context.” says Răzvan Popovici, SoNoRo Conac initiator and director of SoNoRo Festival.


In Bucharest they will be playing at the Mogoșoaia Palace on May 19th —the entrance is free but you have to book your place in advance.


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