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There’s a place you can go, right here in Bucharest, where the focus is on you and on helping you to better discover the real you, to delve deeper into who you really are. While our material needs are increasingly taken care of, many people in all walks of life are finding that there is something missing, something that many find it hard to even define. Frustrations pertaining to just how we conduct ourselves, how we regard ourselves, our general approach and attitudes rise to the surface. Behavioural patterns, big ones and small ones, become more evident and harder to escape. And these things take time and they take focus in order to get to the bottom of them and perhaps start to correct them. According to the people behind the city’s rather lovely Meditation Center, it’s all about how well we know ourselves.  

By Douglas Williams


Near the Ponderas Hospital in Cartierul Francez, down an unassuming side street, and in the ground floor of an otherwise ordinary residential building the Meditation Center is a little oasis of calm and tranquility.  

Through meditation, yoga, counselling, coaching, classes and various other activities the Meditation Center aims to bring together like minded people – those interested in delving deeper into their true selves – and to build a nurturing community.

The center is the brainchild of Anda Hobai and Maria-Magdalena Blidarus. Both are qualified and experienced coaches and they are passionate about the center that they launched a year ago. Anda conceived the interior design which has industrial and Oriental influences – recovered wood, calming greys and subtle lighting – that combine to create an easy energy that’s subdued and yet strangely invigorating. It’s the perfect place to escape the noise and bustle of the city and sit a while, in quiet contemplation, and that is precisely what the center is for.


“This is a rich resource that people can use to get in touch with who they really are,” says Magda. “Often there are patterns in our lives, behavioural patterns and these can be seen in the way we react to circumstances, in our relationships, within our families and often they can span generations. But, when we look at how we can do things differently, how we can change these patterns, the answer doesn’t come from our logic, the answer comes from embracing silence and from deep inquirey into ourselves and it’s then that we have those really important ‘a ha’ moments. At this center we can facilitate this, it can be tremendously empowering.”

It’s all very organic and this is the way the center has grown, with very little marketing, just through word of mouth. There are events most months and these vary from yoga, silent meditation, active meditation (yup, there is such a thing), to constellations work, coaching, therapy and dance. There is also space for workshops, corporate meetings, and professional training.


“We’ve created this place with full hearts, with the longing to offer a space where people can slow down, relax and connect to their true essence. Our center aims to assist open minded people get in touch with their true selves.”

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