Starbucks opens a new cafe in Pipera area (Demo)

Starbucks, the world’s largest chain of coffee makers and leader in innovation and customer satisfaction, opened the third cafe in the Pipera area, Bucharest. With this launch, the number of cafés owned by the famous brand in Romania reached 42.

The new unit, Pipera Metro, is located in an office building in the area, stretching over 186 square meters, offering a very generous space for work, relaxation and socializing.

With a unique design, designed specifically for the corporate environment, with several large tables where the employees in the area can enjoy coffee and work, Pipera Metro also has two large terraces.

The new café is all the more special as the design includes a painted wall created specifically to delve customers and help them really disconnect.

 “Those who work and are active always need a good quality coffee and that’s why we decided to open a new café in the Pipera area, perhaps the busiest corporate hub in Bucharest. The new launch is proof of the increased demand for work and relaxation, which we also wanted to offer at Pipera Metro. Coffee lovers will have a complete experience of relaxation and socialization, as well as the possibility of remote work,” said Karol Żuradzki, Regional Director for Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

In addition, as part of Starbucks’ commitment to repatriation, those who do not have time to enjoy the coffee experience can savor their favorite coffee packed in an eco friendly concept.

The “Bring Your Own Thermos” campaign requires any Starbucks customer to come to your favorite coffee shop at any time to get 1 leu discount on any purchased coffee. Thus, customers help protect the environment by limiting paper consumption and consume Starbucks coffee from the preferred mug or thermos.

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