Street Art – Cluj Napoca-style

By Jane Barnett

Jane Barnett

Artist/designer, educator, traveller

Instagram: jane.barnett9

Originally from just outside London, I have been travelling, teaching and creating internationally for the past 23 years. I’ve lived in Thailand, Turks & Caicos, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Switzerland, and arrived in Romania this summer to take up the position of Head of Arts at the International School of Bucharest. I originally trained in Fashion & Textiles but increasingly seem to battle with the dichotomy of designer versus artist and am more likely to draw, print and paint than design these days. After 5 years living near pristine Geneva, Bucharest is providing a stark contrast with its layers of colours, textures and a history worn upon its sleeve, which I find inspiring. In the normal way, I spend some of my down time in Berlin and parallels between the street art in both places is fascinating, as Vali Dobrin pointed out on an Alternative Bucharest walking tour I took in the summer. I love to wander with my camera, observing how and where people live. My original aim was to use some of my photographs to inspire mixed media artwork when the cooler weather hits and this I still intend to do. Friends are increasingly encouraging me to share my photographic meanderings though – they like to see them, especially when so many are stuck at home. I hope you enjoy these pictures taken over the Festive Period in Cluj.

Instagram: jane.barnett9

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