Study: City breaks preferred by Romanians this autumn (Demo)

Rome, Milan and Alghero (Sardinia) are the most popular tourist destinations by the Romanians this autumn, according to a study done by travel agency Fly Go.

Among the top 5 most desirable cities for a city break this autumn are Istanbul (Turkey), 4th place, and Athens (Greece), 5th place. Malta’s (Malta), Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Republic) and Valencia (Spain), according to an analysis by the online travel agency Fly Go, are completing the preferred destinations for Romanians.

Cities in Italy offer among the cheapest holiday destinations for Romanians this autumn. According to the current Fly Go offers, a city break in Rome (3 nights accommodation, breakfast and airplane tickets) costs from 135 euros per person, while in Milan starts from 150 euros.

At the level of the whole year 2018, the average cost of a city break booked by Romanians through the online travel agency Fly Go is 200 euro per person. Most frequently, the trip lasts for 3 nights (4 days) and may include a weekend or not.

Until the end of the year, Romanians can also benefit from a short city break without taking holidays, during the weekend extended by St. Andrew and the National Day of Romania, between November 30 (Friday is a legal day free of charge St. Andrew) – December 2.  Launched in 2005, Fly Go is currently operating in three markets: Romania, Italy and Spain.


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