Study: Romanians spend close to RON 150/month on kids’ school lunches (Demo)

Romanian families spend close to RON 150/month on kids’ school or kindergarten lunch. Conversely in other European countries parents spend 5 to 6 times more, according to a study by Unicorn Naturals.

“There is still a high difference between Romania and Western countries or UK, for example, regarding the healthy snacks, where they reached GBP 81 billion. Also, another issue is that the healthy food for children in Romania is focused on the segment 1-2 years, while the healthy snacks for school children is scarce,” said Dragos Erceanu, Unicorn Naturals’ representative.

“Moreover, generally Romanian parents tend to give a higher interest to the food for children up to 10 years, but they need a healthy and supervised nutrition during all their development stages. Although there is still a high difference between the consume behaviors from UK or Western Europe and Romania regarding the healthy nutrition and the budget for this, the market signals are positive in Romania,” says the study.

According to the results, the sales in natural products for children register a slight increase up to 20 percent, in September-October once with the schools opening and the demand is constant until April, while on the summer the sales volume on this segment is lower.

The the Unicorn Naturals’ opinion, parents should avoid buying snacks or processed sweats to children and choose instead food rich in fibers and proteins to support their growth process. The costs that parents should bear in the Unicorn Naturals’ opinion are approximately RON 200-250/month.

“Some of the main causes for which Romania is on the first places in Europe on obesity and infantile sugar diabetes are the buying power still low due to lower wages than other parts of Europe, the lack of variety and education on healthy food or national programs of encouragement of fruits and vegetables consume,” concludes Erceanu.

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