“Swedish innovation, Romanian way” photo exhibition (Demo)

The photo exhibition “Swedish innovation, Romanian way” is the outcome of a photo contest organized by the Embassy of Sweden together with F64 and the support of IKEA and TAROM, between July 6th and August 27th.

The photos are creative captures of objects, gadgets or applications that we all frequently use in our daily life. From the simple ones, like the non-toxic matches, the zipper, the adjustable wrench, the 3 point  Sweden.se 2 seatbelt, the Celsius thermometer, the spherical ball bearing, the packaging for liquids (Tetra-Pack) and the ubiquitous mobile phone, to the life-saving medical innovations such as the pacemaker, the ultrasound, the Gamma knife or the IT&C innovations, like Bluetooth, Skype or Spotify to one of the most important discoveries of the XIX century, the dynamite, are all proof of the Swedish creative nature.
There are few who know that the first Coca-Cola bottle was designed in 1915 by the Swedish Alexander Samuelsson, just a few years after  migrating to the US.

Over 350 amateur photographers tried to artistically capture one of the many Swedish innovations. About 400 photos were registered in the competition and we chose 26 of these for the exhibition, including the top 3 that were awarded.

Mihai Alexandru Chiorean

Catalin Balasic

Stefan Fleancu

The photos were selected with the help of the jury: photographers Vlad Eftenie and Mirela Momanu, F64 representatives Alexandra Crisbasan and Cristina Tinta, TAROM representatives and Embassy of Sweden

ARCUB, Sala Cafenea,84-90 Lipscani street, October 2-8
Visiting hours:
Monday: 12:00-18:00
Tuesday: 09:00-16:00
Wednesday-Sunday: 09:00-20:00
Free access.

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