OZB Poetry (Demo)



Dreamt last night I fed you, unknowingly,

something you were allergic to.


And you were gone, like that.


You don’t have even a single allergy,

but still. The dream cracked. Cars nose-dived


off snow banks into side streets. Sometimes

dreams slip poison, make the living


dead then alive again, twirling

in an unfamiliar room.


It’s hard to say I need you enough.


Today I did. Walked into your morning

shower fully clothed. All the moments


we stop ourselves just because we might

feel embarrassed or impractical, or get wet.

(from The Amoeba Game)


Tara Skurtu is an American poet, creative writing coach, and international public speaker based in Bucharest. A two-time U.S. Fulbright grantee and recipient of two Academy of American Poets prizes and a Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship in Poetry, her poems are published internationally and translated into seven languages. Tara is the author of the chapbook Skurtu, Romania and the full poetry collection The Amoeba Game.

Photo: Cătălin Georgescu

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