TEDxEroilor Mind the Gap in Cluj (Demo)


Ideas worth sharing will start flowing in Cluj soon as the TEDxEroilor Mind the Gap event begins May 4th and runs through 6th, looking at the gap we find between many fields such as science and art, tradition and innovation, new technologies and the process of integrating them, dreams and fulfilment.

The event brings to the public over 20 speakers and the talks are followed by an almost equal amount of interesting workshops.

Ciprian Stănescu will talk about the future, Oana Țoiu‒about social enterprises, architect Dan Clinci‒about urban development, poet Tara Skurtu‒about writing, activist Iulian Angheluță‒about social campaigns, scientist Newton Howard‒about the brain and cognitive science and many more speakers and interesting talks.

One of the partners of the event is a car sharing service using a very friendly system which means you can actually open an available car in the street using the app on your phone and go where you have to go—how cool is that?!

In case you missed TEDxBucharestThe Age of Amazement or simply want to experience the Ted conferences vibe again, don´t miss this interesting event in one of the most exciting Romanian cities.

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