The Best Gadgets for Romania’s Festival Season (Demo)

By Dan Teodorescu

Romania has a very diverse climate that may take some getting used to if you’re not from around here. From scorching Saharan summer heat to freezing cold arctic winter, we have it all and do our best to make the most out of each time of year. While wintertime is definitely skiing season, summer is the perfect time to attend a wide range of international festivals. These are arguably the five most popular summer festivals in 2019 and the most useful gadget to bring along for each one:

NeverSea – Sandlite Sand-Free Mat

With over 200.000 people attending last year and at least as many expected for this year’s edition, NeverSea is one of the world’s biggest beach parties. Since you’ll be traveling to Constanta, you might as well spend a few days enjoying Romania’s seaside, from Mamaia’s posh beaches to the hippie carefree atmosphere of Vama Veche.

All you need for a fun day at the beach is sunshine, some good friends, and a beach mat. While technology can’t really do much about the first two, it can definitely improve the last item on the list. Sandlite sand-free mat does exactly what the name says it does, namely keeping the sand away from you. Its smart fabric allows the sand to pass right through it, but not the other way around, so those running kids who threw sand on your mat will no longer turn it into sandpaper.

Electric Castle – Blue Mountain Solar Shower

If you think the beach is the most spectacular festival location, you definitely haven’t been to Bánffy Castle, home to the Electric Castle festival. Known as Transylvania’s Versailles, it’s the ideal place for lovers of beautiful architecture and amazing landscapes. On the downside, it’s also ridiculously muddy, so festival-goers are sure to get dirty, and not necessarily in a fun way.

Although you’ll probably get a bit of rain, you’ll also more than likely get a few hours of sun every day. With the heat drying up all the mud on your body, anything resembling a shower will be a godsend. Enter Blue Mountain Solar Shower, a handy and very cheap gadget which uses solar power to heat up the water inside its insulated bag, helping you look and feel human again.

ARTMania – Camelbak Hydration Pack

This two-day event is Romania’s longest lasting rock festival and takes place every summer in Sibiu, a former European culture capital. With the event happening within a city, you probably won’t get sandy or muddy but you’ll most definitely get thirsty, especially after some good headbanging. We all hate the huge lines at every food and beverage stand during festivals, but luckily there’s a better way. The Camelbak hydration pack is a lightweight and comfortable vest that can carry 2 liters of liquid, meaning that you can enjoy four beers without standing in line or anyone spilling your drink.

Untold – Walkie Talkie Watches

This spectacular electronic music festival is Romania’s biggest, with over 350,000 people attending last year. It takes place in the gorgeous city of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania’s unofficial capital and home to a vibrant and diverse community. This year will mark the festival’s fifth edition and considering the fact that the first round of tickets was sold out in about 3 minutes, it’s safe to say that new attendance records will be broken.

Large crowds get you in the festival mood and certainly look spectacular, but they can be the loneliest place in the world if you get isolated from your friends. A few hundred thousand people around you means that phone reception is a luxury, but luckily there’s a way of keeping communication with the rest of the group. Walkie Talkie watches not only make you look like a secret agent, but are also very handy in these situations, as they have about 7 km range and don’t rely on any network.

SummerWell – Inflatable Gadget Chair

If you love festivals but don’t feel like leaving Bucharest, Summer Well is the perfect destination. Located on the history-rich Stirbey Domain just half an hour outside the capital, it rivals Electric Castle for the title of the most breathtaking festival location in the country, but fortunately there’s less mud involved.

With all the downtime between live acts, all you can do is stand around and look cool. We guarantee that absolutely nothing will make you look cooler while being supremely comfortable than this inflatable gadget chair. You can kick back, listen to some music on the in-built speakers and casually sip on a drink from the sunken cup holders, with everyone around asking themselves why they can’t be as cool as you.

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