The Best Gadgets for Summer 2019 (Demo)

by Dan Teodorescu

Summer is almost here. As the days get longer and our skin gets darker, we all begin to fantasize about those times when we’re on vacation and have nothing to do all day but bask in the sun with a cold drink close by. However, if you think nothing could enhance that experience, then we urge you to think again. It’s 2019 and technology has found its way into every aspect of our lives, mostly for the better. Here are the hottest new gadgets that will put the cherry on top of a perfect summer holiday.

JBL GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Taking your music to the pool or to the beach used to imply grabbing a large, boxy stereo, putting it on your shoulder, and then enjoying about 23 wonderful minutes until the batteries ran out. Not anymore, as nowadays Bluetooth speakers look cooler, sound better, and last longer with each new generation. A perfect example of this is JBL’s new waterproof speaker, an essential part of any pool party. This stylish little gadget is available in 12 different colors and weighs only 184 grams, while its battery allows up to five hours of non-stop streaming from any phone or tablet.

It also works as a phone speaker, so you can take your calls without needing to leave the pool. If you want your music to follow you around everywhere this summer, this crisp-sounding waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the perfect addition to your holiday gear.

Creative Edge’s Solar-5 Solar Panel 5000mAh Phone Charger

We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out by the beach or on a mountain trail and you want to take your phone out to take some pictures or message a friend, but you soon realize your battery is about to die. A sure way to avoid that is taking an external battery with you, but that is so five years ago. You definitely don’t want the responsibility of yet another device you need to remember charging before going on holiday, so why not use the summer’s hot sun to power up your phone?

Creative Edge’s Solar-5 charger is the perfect outdoor travel companion, always keeping you powered and connected. The silicone exterior makes it both good looking and resistant, while the dual charging points mean you can also help out a friend. Just attach it to your backpack and you’ll be getting instant clean energy straight from the biggest source around.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The smartphone has become more than a simple gadget and is now an integral part of our lives. Nowadays there’s an app for everything and they’re all evolving so fast, so you might discover that what was once your shiny new phone now takes 10 seconds to open Whatsapp. The best way of making sure you won’t need a new phone anytime soon is by getting the best one currently on the market and arguably that’s the Galaxy 10.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series has been wildly successful over the last decade and rightly so. The Galaxy 10 marks an improvement in virtually every department, from the quality of the Dynamic AMOLED display to battery time and everything in between. It’s also waterproof, a quality which may come in handy when you’re taking selfies down by the pool.

StowCo Small Portable Cooler

When most people think of a portable cooler, the first image that pops in their head is a large plastic box that’s uncomfortable to carry around. However, StowCo thought there must be an easier way to carry some cold drinks around and came up with this little gem. What looks like a laptop case to the unsuspecting eye is actually a foam insulated cooler that will keep your drinks cold for up to five hours. You don’t even need to add ice, like you would with a regular cooler. Just put in the cold drinks and you’re good to go.

The StowCo Small Wine Beer Portable Cooler can hold up to 10 beer cans, 6 beer bottles, or 3 wine bottles, which should be enough for a few people to enjoy while at the beach or at a picnic. Its shape and design keep the bottles tight, to prevent them from clanking against each other or breaking.

Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Although initially controversial, wireless earbuds are slowly but surely making the headphone jack a thing of the past. These gorgeous little devices work with basically any phone out there and deliver top quality sound every time. They are designed for everyday use and you can pick between three differently-sized ear gels, so they definitely won’t fall off or give you any discomfort while using them. You can also comfortably use them around the house while watching Netflix or commanding Alexa.

A single charge can get you about five hours and they’re also smart enough to auto-pause when removing one of them, so you won’t waste any battery life. A pocket-friendly charging case also comes with the package, increasing battery life to 15 hours, so you can spend an entire day using them without needing a recharge.

PRO X – World’s First Handheld Portable Electric Survival Water Filter™

This gadget is ideal for the hardcore adventurer and can easily become your best friend in certain situations. If your idea of a great holiday is immersing yourself in nature by going on long hikes in the wilderness, you may appreciate not needing to carry a ton of water with you. Just place the water inlet hose in any body of water you can find and the device will offer you 17oz of clean, drinkable water per minute by simply pushing a button.

It’s also long-lasting and easy to clean, so you can use it again and again on your adventures. Only two AA batteries will give you up to 95 gallons of clean water, but you can also plug it in or use a mobile charger.

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