The Covid Covet – Romanian edition

Sher is a (so far) 5 year visitor to the suburbs of Bucharest. She’s
wife to a British, International School Teacher, a mom to 2 young copii,
1 pug and 1 cat. She has formerly been a Journalist, copywriter,
English and yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist. She’s studying to be a
Marriage and family Counselor. A native Canadian, she comes to Romania
after a decade in Asia. Sher is spending this lock-down at home with her
crew, exhausted and just a little bit worried…just like you.

Here, a few goodies she’s using to get her through it all.

Things I am loving now…
Online shopping: this has always been an enjoyable way to spend time and
money, and in Ro you can have almost anything delivered, fast, and for a
bargain. Here are the sites that have served me best:

1.The Stitch newsletter.
Written by former UN folks, and specialists in public health (living in
Pipera no less!), this is a great commentary on how we should all be
behaving now, and several other cool public health insights, some
specifically Romanian – for those who need to know.
*Inside tip: Sign up to get this directly to your in-box.

2. eMAG
 Take a pass on making Jeff Bezos richer… in need for Amazon if you
can find it here.  Shop thousands of items large and small (and
apparently food too?) We’ve ordered batteries, tea, a new laundry bin,
and nail polish…to name just a few items. Aah, creature comforts.
* inside tip: pay for items with a card, and have delivery to your door.
Using the fast boxes at strip malls means leaving the house. Nou bine.
I’ve got a huge list of sites I’ll share with you in coming days and

3. Netflix. Duh. Never ever in the history of chilling has chilling
been so absolutely necessary. So go for it, Netflix and chill. Of course
you could choose the deliciously vapid Love Is Blind, Cheer or Nailed
It, or try a documentary like Untamed Romania to inform yourself. Best
yet – go for one of many stand up comedies to give yourself a very
necessary laugh.
Oh, P.S., the new Westworld is on HBO GO now. You’re welcome.
*Inside tip: Maybe keep it light – like perhaps don’t watch Pandemic if
you can be easily triggered? Things are serious enough now dears.

4. Uber eats
As long as you don’t expect customer service or the personal touch – but
JUST WANT A BURGER/SUSHI/GYROS now, damnit!….this will do. Of course
it’s geographically limited to what is near you.
*Inside tip: many restaurants have 241 offers right now.
Add a tip for the driver with your card to limit handling germy cash.

5. Free apps! Try meditation, a new workout, or enjoy award winning
International Journalism without a pay-wall (Hello New York Times!) This
list from 9to5mac has some real gems.
*Inside tip: Most of these were originally posted FREE till April 1, but
have extended based on  this ongoing lock-down period  – check each to
see what the cut-off date is for FREE trial. DownDog for yoga and Calm
for meditation are my faves!

I’ll share more with you soon again. Until then, keep your hands clean
and hearts open. Sanatate!

Long term Romanian visitor Sher Martelle-Climas

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