The Covid Curate 4.0 (Demo)

By Sher Martelle-Climas

Welcome to week SIX, In which, we “settle in”…whatever that means.

So this week I focus on, looking at social media posts, what seem to be the three musts during lockdown, food, booze, and HELP…

We have to eat. Oh, and eat we have. But leaving the house poses danger to your health, not to mention an Orwellian sense of dread upon return.

If you’ve managed with online delivery from Mega or Carrefour, good for you! I have not. I have, however, used bringo and glovo for odds & ends. I consider these boys on bikes very essential indeed.

Further, we are loving the following gems for specialty foods & drinkables…


Avincis, a fabulous Romanian winery can help you out with your grape-juice needs. I love their wines, and dream of returning for an overnight stay in their super cool winery!

Zaganu quenches the thirst of the specialty beer afficianado, with 20 % off 20 bottles, and free delivery right to your door. Sweet!

Un Vin Pezi is a very special daily wine subscription site, special releases and so much more. Free delivery over 2 bottles.

The Fine Store has booze of all sorts, coffee & various gifts, and they bring them all to you fast.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are in recovery for food or alcohol abuse – these sites won’t be of interest to you – but online meetings may be. You are not alone…even if you are, actually, for now anyway, alone.

Pofta Buna!

Mmmm, noodles! Asian has loads of fab Asian dry goods you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere, some frozen stuff too. Free delivery over 300 RON. GET SIRACHA SAUCE HERE PEOPLE!

Baked beans anyone? It’s true, you can have them from British Corner Shop – International delivery for the posh among us. If the word Waitrose has any effect on you – these are your people! Of course it comes from the UK, and that will cost you, and take some time, but sometimes expat needs prevail!

Fresh fruits & veggies can be yours! Nasul Rosu specializes in farm to table eco-certified plant foods. Order a box to be delivered by glovo, or go to the shop.

If you just need a break from pizza delivery, and can’t make salad yourself – try some fresh healthy stuff from FruFru, promoting ‘contactless’ delivery. 

The other thing I’ve been enjoying immensely is access to fabulous Coaches, and for FREE…

Relationship Guru Esther Perel has been hosting a weekly zoom to help us be relational. It is AWESOME and full of no-nonsense, yet sensitive assistance. This is week 4, but you can listen to them all. Start here.

The 5 Second Rule Author & Talk Show host Mel Robbins hosts weekday evening zooms too…covering all manner of real-life situations, from lockdown with your teen, to managing elderly parents from afar, and just good old generalized anxiety. Brilliant! Take part live or review them all here.

If you consider yourself a Changemaker (And shouldn’t we all be activists at this point?), you’ll love the energy from Kimberly Carroll, a lovely Candian, Toronto based coach working to help you thrive while you survive this thing. 

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