The Covid Curate 5.0 (Demo)

Covid Covet 5.0 Long-weekend edition A.K.A “Here we go… again”

By Sher Martelle-Climas

Never enough helpful links to keep you informed, supported and entertained right now 😊

What fun!

A big departure from the Foo Fighters’ original makes for a touching lockdown tribute during Times Like These (Lyrics in this version. You’re welcome)

Brad Pitt as Dr Fauci & more hilarity – SNL manages another fantastic youtube-ZOOM mash-up version of the show.

And we all need Some Good News these days. Actor John Krasinski delivers…HEART-WARMING.


Learn how to look good on ZOOM calls.

A specific FB group for Internationals living in Romania – to answer your concerns about the status here. Useful. Just quickly apply to join.

And (thanks to the group for this) FREE psychological help from experts – in Romanian AND English.

Parenting pro Kim Jong Payne reminds us in his podcast to filter adult info for our kiddos (especially now!) Loads of other help…have a listen!

Wait, what?

We may NOT be allowed to ‘roam free’ after May 15th?No need to wear gloves to the grocery store?

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