The Covid Curate 6.0 AKA ‘Take 5’ or “Are we there yet?”

by Sher Martelle Climas

Enjoy the lifting of the state of emergency next week. Try to continue to be rational & safe. Enjoy some of these nuggets in the meantime…

1.     The Insight timer app offers free playlists on several subjects during this trying time, and in several languages too.While Amazon Kindle offer a load of major books free for kiddos right now.

2.     We’re all gonna need masks soon – get some made especially for you, right here by local Artisans Mascasas & Be Aware

3.    Don’t just get tested for ‘the Corona-virus’, get paid to do it!

4.    If you got fined during the lockdown – you may benefit from knowing they were unconstitutional. Good luck with that.

5. Finally, some quick reads for those of you who don’t buy into the Corona-inspired-aspirational schtick and have not yet, in fact, learned to play guitar or speak Spanish these last few months: Ignore the productivity pressure! NYT says just take care of yourself. *But you can still learn Romanian for FREE here for a limited time

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