The Culture of Co-Working Spaces (Demo)

By Dana Tudose-Tianu

Do co-working spaces foster creativity? Do they create a community? Who works in co-working spaces anyway? Is it software developers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs just starting a business? And, most importantly, what advantages would a co-working space offer you that a regular office won’t?

We look at three well-known co-working spaces in Bucharest to find answers and to perhaps encourage you to check out hubs and similar spaces as an alternative for you.

Talent Garden Bucharest (TAG) – 23-25 Brezoianu Street, Palatul Universul, Corp B, Mezanin

You can’t say Talent Garden Bucharest without saying Beans & Dots. TAG is a co-working space in Palatul Universul, near Cismigiu Park in Bucharest. Its unique advantage is in offering its members a “three-in-one” deal. Though properly delimited from one another, TAG shares the same space with Beans & Dots Café and the Mezanin Conference/Events Area. The co-working space is called the Campus. Most people sharing an office at TAG will have their meetings in Beans and Dots Café, which is always abuzz with conversation.

Who works here? The Digital Nation team, the Recorder editorial team, architects, advertising specialists, expats running start-ups in various fields from sustainable farming to operating systems solutions for freelance work.

Currently, TAG Bucharest members pay a flat monthly fee that offers them full-time access to the space, ergonomic chairs and private, dedicated desks. A meeting room that can accommodate 6-8 people is available to all campus members. Access to the co-working space is allowed 24h/day, 7days/week. Members also have access to other Talent Garden Campuses around the world, within the limit of 50h/month and flexible desks availability.

The Full-Membership subscription comes with several discounts:

  • 20% off ticket prices to any event (open to the public) organized in any TAG campus;
  • 20% discount when booking the event/conference area in any TAG campus;
  • 15% discount (and the author’s favorite perk) to any product sold at the Beans and Dots Café.

The location of the co-working space is one of the biggest advantages for members, aside from the (very) positive vibe that cascades from Beans & Dots all the way to TAG and Mezanin. TAG is literally a two-minute walk to Cismigiu Park.

The Mezanin, an events and conference space, can host up to 200 people and has been used for anything from trainings, workshops, arts and crafts expositions and fairs, media events, business and political conferences and events, as well as corporate parties.

TAG is unique among Bucharest-based hubs in that it is a part of a very special creative headquarters: Palatul Universul itself. Only one floor up the stairs from TAG you can experience choreographic magic at the Linotip Center. One floor down and you can watch Andreea Rosca, the esteemed journalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Romanian Business Leaders, in conversation with the most prominent Romanian entrepreneurs at the Apollo 111 Theatre. Or, you can hear poetry being recited live, almost every morning, at Beans & Dots, by OZB Contributing Editor and poet, Dana Tudose-Tianu, for the online poetry Facebook vlog, Un Minut de Poezie.

IMPACT HUB BUCHAREST – Splaiul Unirii 165, Timpuri Noi Square, clădirea 2

Impact Hub Bucharest was founded in 2012 by three friends: Oana and Vlad Craioveanu and Alexandra Pode. The three gave up their jobs to bring a new concept to Romania. Impact Hub was the first co-working space in Bucharest. It has been growing ever since and constantly aligning, through its projects and activities, with the mission of supporting entrepreneurial development within society.

The hub went through a major change in 2017 when it moved to a space three times bigger than the previous one in Timpuri Noi Square.

The 1600 square meter area hosts co-working spaces, event rooms and many facilities for those who choose to become Impact Hub members. Throughout the years, they have hosted over 1200 members.   

They also organize and host conferences and events, run business and startup incubation and development programs, and offer financing alternatives through crowdfunding.

Impact Hub Bucharest is a part of the global Impact Hub network, which has 100 locations all around the world, with over 16,000 members.

Impact Hub is more than a co-working space. All their efforts are geared towards building a diverse and active community which inspires people and makes them feel supported throughout the process of growing their business.

Impact Hub’s latest insight into their membership shows that most members come from the IT/software development industry (29%), followed by business services (27%), creative industries (7%), education (6%), marketing (6%), architecture (5%). Most are entrepreneurs (46%) or freelancers.

Depending on the type of membership they opt for, the Hub’s members have a variety of advantages. Aside from benefitting from some of the best working facilities (internet, ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, Skype Framery booths), they become a part of a community. Impact Hub organizes monthly events for their members who are looking to transfer knowhow and foster inspiration. They also give them access to the Impact Hub local and global network and promote them at every opportunity. Members can easily find collaborators or trusted partners right here, in the hub, as well as take advantage of the partnerships Impact Hub has with other organizations and promote their business.

They organize several types of events at the Hub. On one side, they organize internal events, dedicated to members. They connect, share expertise, and give and receive feedback.

On the other side, they have two monthly events open to the public: Entrepreneurial Stories and Hub Talks, where entrepreneurs and people who are passionate about the topics we open up are invited to present ideas. They also organize conferences and events such as “Women of Romania” or “Fears and Failures”, the innovation conference Innoteque or the Single Digital Gateway hackathon, organized at the initiative of the European Commission.

SENECA ANTICAFE – Str. Arhitect Ion Mincu no. 1, Bucharest

“Nothing is ours, except time”. Seneca

Seneca Anticafe was founded in 2014, as a project derived from the Seneca Publishing House.

It is a co-working space, a library and a bookstore at the same time. It is unique in Bucharest.

Seneca offers several co-working spaces: the lit desks area, the quiet room or the amphitheater. Plugs and wi-fi are everywhere. You will find all the resources you need: books, computers, printer, scanner, magazines.

As the name indicates, Seneca is an AntiCafe and it does serve tea as the main “inspirational” beverage. However, there is coffee, too. ☺ You can also make your own coffee or prepare your own food, in the kitchen area, which is open to everyone, and where various ingredients are offered free of charge.  

Unlike regular hubs, Seneca does not offer monthly memberships, but you can book your own working space for one hour or for an entire day.

Seneca Café is located near the Kiselleff Park, in a quiet area. You will feel that you are working in your own private library, with 10K+ selected titles, in many European languages.

You can join events as diverse as the books, ranging from lettering & calligraphy to motivational speakers and workshops.

Among them, Seneca Ecologos, one of our project divisions, has recently helped a number of companies with our resource efficiency workshops, enabling them to cut down on wasted resources and boost performance.

Their philosophy is that one owes it to oneself to make the most out of his own time. Make your’s count!

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