The Day I Went Inside the Source  (Part 1) (Demo)



By Anca Donişan Botez


Recently I went to Bucegi Mountains as I often feel my heart calling to go and meditate there, on the mountain’s peak, one breath away from the Creator, from the Source, from God, from All There Is. But, surprize! Due to high amounts of snow, the road was closed and the detour would have added 3 hours driving either way. So I listened to my Heart and my Intuition and drove the opposite direction and after 10 minutes of driving, there it was: a magnificent hill, surrounded by the Sun Divine Light with a little, white church on top. I felt pure bliss and infinite joy and my Spirit confirmed I am exactly where I am supposed to be on this blessed Sunday afternoon. It was around -10 degrees Celsius, radiant, white snow everywhere and I was walking up the hill to find my divine space to meditate.


On the left, I was seeing the mesmerizing Bucegi mountains and the snow on the peak was shining so bright from the sunlight rays, it just felt like Heaven on Earth. I was still looking for my sacred spot. In front of me and facing the mountains was this little, white church and I felt again that I am literally three steps away from God, but I was still looking for my sacred spot. I trust Mother Gaia, so I took a deep breath, I surrendered, I released and let go. I centered myself, connecting with my Higher Self and Lower Self and I asked for Divine guidance. Then I turned right and there it was, waiting for me, calling me: my hollow, leafless tree that had an enormous trunk and branches reaching up to the sky in a very unusual formation. I felt fulfilled, complete and whole as my Heart confirmed I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 


Well, I also had a funny feeling, looking up at the tree branches. I was like a 6-year-old giggling little girl and the Universe just started to unfold in front of me its magical secrets and wonders. My inner child said amazed: “Holy moly, this tree has antennas!” and the 36-years-old, mature, woman just whispered: “Aha, multidimensional portal!” What I was feeling was totally new for me: deep, connected, spiritual and very, very funny and jolly all at the same time!


This was another “Ahaaa!” moment for me and I am sure you are having your “Ahaaa!” moment as well.


From the end of 2017, I feel like I am inside an awareness matrix each day. It is like every single day, the Creator, the Universe and Mother Gaia is pushing me to integrate the Life Lessons I thought I’d already learned. Theoretically, from the mind consciousness perspective, I thought I’d learned that Life Lesson, but from a Heart Consciousness point of view, I felt the lesson was not integrated into my system, into my DNA.  


Do you find yourself in this life scenario also?


Do you feel the Universe is pushing you out of a job that does not fulfill you anymore, do you find yourself dreaming about following another path? Do you feel Gaia’s touch when you are in nature, do you feel more aware and clear in your thoughts and feelings when you are grounded and connected to Earth? Do you feel you are attracting people from your Soul Family and all the relationships and friendships that are not in balance with your new vibration and energy, are self-cleared?


If your answer is “Yes”, congratulations, you are are in the process of shifting your Consciousness! It is your Spirit, your Higher Self calling you, and you have heard the call, as you are starting to awaken. If you want to go deeper into this Soul Self Discovery, join our weekly meditations events. 

Just listen to your Heart!


Going back to my journey, I felt this is the tree of Life, the tree of God, and oh boy, by the time I finished my meditation I was hugging this graceful tree Spirit and I was crying with joy and weeping with divine bliss. I was just touched by the Grace of God, part of God, guided by God, I was inside the Source, One with the Source. My heartbeat was thumping so wildly and I was in a state of total euphoria. But let me go back to where is started: it started a day before my meditation event.    

To be continued in the next OZB Magazine


Anca Donişan Botez is a U.S. certified NLP trainer, interested in personal and business training, founder of project.

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