The Empowerment of Choice (Demo)

By Anca Donișan Botez


The word CHOICE has a strong energy by itself, no matter if we are choosing the right side or the left side, option A, option B or even option C that was not part of the initial plan. Me, you or any other person that is empowered chooses. A woman or a man that is a team leader always chooses. A politician or a lawyer always chooses. A spiritual guide or a priest always chooses.

The question is: are you making your CHOICE  from a POWER perspective? Are you validating your inner power, your inner voice and your intuition before making a choice?

In this context, power does not mean ego, it is our own personal inner power. This inner power is enhanced by our own self-validation. We validate ourselves when we listen to our intuition, the Divine Voice of Creation within us. It is always spirituality and science, ancient wisdom and neuroscience going hand in hand together. In my previous articles I spoke about M-brain-ing (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) the claim that we have 3 brains: an emotional brain (Heart), an intellectual brain (Mind) and an instinctive brain (Gut).


Intuition is gut intelligence, but it works like a muscle. The more we trust it and we validate it, the stronger it gets. “Trust your gut” or “My gut is telling me there is something wrong” shows the gut has wisdom and is deeply intuitive.

So start making choices from a power perspective by validating your intuition.

Sometimes life puts us in challenging situations, in areas like career, family, health or finances and we feel like we don’t want to choose. Does this state of mind come from being in a comfort zone or is it fear? This is a question for you, so ask yourself this and while you answer be aware of whether you see or envision one choice, two choices only or endless possibilities.

Maybe this new project that you are working overtime on does not fulfill you and drains all your energy, but you don’t want to bring this to your boss or to say to your family there will be no trip to Bali this summer.

You think that you are not choosing.

Or perhaps you are postponing moving from the noisy centre of the city to a quiet  neighbourhood, outside the city, with a forest behind. There is no commute to the job from where you live now, but the noise, the pollution and “moving” are on your mind every night.

Again, you think that you are not choosing.


Ask yourself now, what are you choosing or what are you not choosing?

Now here is the twist: when you think you are not choosing, you are in fact choosing because there is no way outside of choice. You are choosing to stay in your comfort zone, you are choosing to be powerless, you are choosing to play small.

So then how do you know you are choosing from a power perspective?

You know it, you feel it and it is validated by your intuition. The power perspective does not show you one or two options but endless possibilities. You just have to act upon and choose: if Option A is “no health and no fulfilment” and Option B is ”no family holiday in Bali” then your power spectrum shows infinite option startings from Option C “new job” to Option X “new vision, new industry, new country, new me”.

Well, what are you waiting for? Reclaim your POWER and choose for yourself.

How we live our lives shows HOW WE CHOOSE in life, so always choose while being centred, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Gut always in balance.


And always remember: no one knows what is best for you, more than you.




Anca Donișan Botez is a U.S. certified NLP trainer, interested in personal and business training, founder of project.

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