The first anger room in Romania opened in Bucharest (Demo)

Break Room, the first anger room in Romania, opened in Bucharest, a place where customers come to break objects in a controlled environment for amounts between 50 and 150 lei to “get rid of stress without consequences and regrets.”

“Break Room is a place where you can have fun or even get rid of stress, destroying objects that are no longer of any use to anyone, with baseball, rag, or baroos. It is proposed to burst glasses, flower vase, porcelain frills, printers, TV sets, telephones, toilet bowls, kitchen furniture, gypsum busts or even unexpected objects, but which break spectacularly. All this happens in a controlled environment, with no consequence, in complete safety, “show business executives in a press release.

The ultimate goal is fun, relaxation, movement, they say.

“Before starting to break objects, customers go through a brief instruction explaining the safety rules. They also receive adequate equipment: safety glasses, helmet, protective gown and gloves. The minimum age is 16 years, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people who have drunk alcohol are not accepted, “they add.

Break Room Bucharest proposes in an industrial hall three delimited spaces, where customers can break several categories of objects: large and small electronics, kitchen objects, bathroom, glass, ceramics or porcelain.

“Breakroom activity is purely recreational, has no therapeutic claims and in fact no claims other than a good portion of fun and relaxation. We are addressing those seeking a unique way to get rid of everyday stress, try something new and have fun with friends, “says Marius Neagoie, founder of Break Room.

The initial investment is 15,000 euros and consisted of arranging the hall and the break room, procuring the safety equipment, branding, promotion and specific logistics.

“We estimate 50 customers a day during the week and 100 at the weekend and we estimate a break even in the first three months. We look at franchising and partner identification at national level if the business evaluation after the first year corresponds to the initial planning, “adds Marius Neagoie.

Customers have at their disposal three types of “weapons” of choice (baseball, baroque, string) and packs of broken objects specially designed for fun and release.

“Packages start at $50 (“bring your own breakable”, a package that accepts only non-hazardous items that can be hauled to the hall without help) and reaches 80 lei or 150 for two 12 small objects, three mediums, a large electronic one, the object of destruction of choice (baseball bat, rag, baroos), protective equipment (gown, goggles, gloves). Estimated time for this package: 15 minutes, “say officials of the company that manages Break Room Bucharest.

For 20 extra pounds, customers can choose to capture the experience, a slow motion movie of 10 seconds, and three photos that document the experience.

The first Break Room in Romania is on the Cotton Industry Industrial Platform, next to Timpuri Noi Metro Station.

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