The Moldovan Wine Festival brings authentic Moldovan taste to Romania (Demo)

Wine, music and culture of Moldova meet each other at the first edition of the Wine Festival Moldova , to be held at Lagoo-Snagov, on October 6 and 7.

This is the first event in Romania that gathers under its umbrella the authentic taste and the Moldovan atmosphere offered by the unique wines and the quality music.

“Created to be savored” is the message by which the organizers invite the public in Romania to discover the wine of Moldova, a real living legend, the visitors having the opportunity to taste wine collections, but also some that are not yet found on the Romanian market but which are recognized and awarded internationally.

There will be the most important 21 Moldavian wine cellars such as Purcari, Castel Mimi, Chateau Vartely, Timbrus, Gitana, Divine Calarasi, Milestii Mici, Suvorov & Kazayak Vin, Unicorn, Maurt, Vin Alliance, Bostavan, Comrat Wines, Grade Vine, Fautor, Valea din Vale, Roots, Salcuta, Aroma SA, Doina Vin and Small Producers, which will give the wine lovers the experience of the quality taste.

On 6 and 7 October, concerts will be played by famous artists from pop, rock, indie-folk and jazz music from the Republic of Moldova and Romania , such as Carla’s Dreams, Zdob si Zdub, The Mono Jacks, Cuibul, Byron, Irina Sârbu Band, Valeria Stoica and Nadia Trohin together with Mircea Tiberian .

Every day, from 12:00, the Moldovan Wine Festival will open its doors to the whole family, with various activities and numerous surprises. Being both a cultural and educational event, taking place in a natural setting and in a pleasant and relaxing environment, the festival addresses all age groups.

In addition to wine tasting, adults will be able to enjoy a variety of traditional dishes and participate in wine masterclasses, and children will have lots of activities specially prepared for them.

Tickets can be purchased from the website and the cost of an early booking ticket will be 30 lei / day, including 10 tastings and access to all activities and concerts of that day.

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