The National Fundraising Conference brings the best NGO professionals to Bucharest (Demo)

There are currently over 40,000 active nongovernmental organizations in Romania that, through their determination and passion, manage to solve important social and community problems towards which even the State is often helpless and powerless. NGO’s mobilize hundreds of millions of lei each year from donations and sponsorships, and these results take hard work, sustained efforts and well-trained fundraisers.

On May 8-11, fundraising professionals from  non-governmental organizations meet at the National Fundraising Conference organised by ARC (Association for Community Relations), in Bucharest.

In 2018, the National Fundraising Conference reaches its fifteenth edition and wants to generate a profound transformation in the mindset of fundraisers in Romania. We want to inspire a new way to approach the profession and the activity of fundraising. Participants will learn what key changes they need to make and what resources are needed in order for their fundraising activities to break the usual barriers and evolve from good to great.

The event will start with a two-day Masterclass, backed by one of the most renowned international fundraising experts, Alan Clayton, and will continue with two days of workshops and trainings.

Alan Clayton will speak at this year’s Fundraising National Conference on Great Fundraising – how an organization can increase its impact and revenue significantly, attracting and cultivating strong relationships with donors who will stay with the organization on the long run, strongly believing in its dream and mission.

Alan Clayton is one of the most important consultants, coaches, creative directors and inspirational speakers in the NGO world. With over 25 years of experience, Alan has worked with over 350 nonprofit clients around the world.

During the 3rd and 4th day’s workshops of the National Fundraising Conference, topics will include: great fundraising communications; effective recurrent SMS campaigns, the role of the brand in fundraising; online fundraising; audit and fundraising strategy; fundraising products; peer-to-peer fundraising; tax breaks in the service of good; fundraising for civic causes. In addressing these topics, emphasis will be placed on principles closely related to the concept of Great Fundraising.

“For all those who do fundraising in non-governmental organizations, the National Fundraising Conference is a gateway to direct access to the most relevant fundraising experiences in Romania and abroad. This year’s theme, Fundraising from Good to Great,  was born out of the experience of countries where fundraising is very mature, such as England or Australia. From year to year, the conference’s audience has grown impressively, and we are glad that our event has become a place where the fundraiser’s curious and courageous minds meet.” said Dana Pîrţoc, Executive Director of ARC (Association for Community Relations).

ARC (Association for Community Relations – has been working since 2002 to encourage philanthropy as a mechanism for social change. We bring together those who are looking for resources to help their peers, those who want to provide resources to transform lives, by building mechanisms that make this resource transfer simpler and more effective.

In short, ARC means 13,641,524 USD mobilized through all the mechanisms made available by the organization; new SMS and Direct Debit donation systems introduced; Romania is the second country in Europe with recurrent donation through SMS; 717,000 individual annual donors; 79,000 donors who donate monthly (recurring); a community of fundraisers, donors and organizations, as well as a movement of 16 community foundations, consolidated by 14 years of dedicated events: People’s Gala for People and the National Fundraising Conference.

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