The new Mathilde collection challenges you to redefine yourself! (Demo)

The new clothing line by Mathilde highlights creations which successfully mix the ’70 retro touches (floral motives) with some modern touches (geometrical shapes). Let yourself be inspired by these innovative combinations and create remarkable outfits for the spring fall. This collection includes both seasonal clothing such as coats, jackets or ponchos and various versatile pieces of clothing, which can be successfully integrated in the summer outfits: dresses, trousers, blouses.

The muse of the central piece of the collection – the classic suit with trousers, in one colour (bright red), was the strong and independent woman, capable of accomplishing everything she aims for. The straight lines, well defined, carefully follow the graceful shape of any woman, but in the same time inspire strength and self-confidence. All that cast the minimalist elegance light upon the outfit.

For those who don’t find themselves bright color supporters, but are into this fashion style, Mathilde has recreated the costume using plaid, thus faiding the monocrom effect. The result remains equally spectacular. Last but not least, the plaid is also used in various creations, such as dresses, trousers, blouses.

“I think that the constant investment in quality materials and the unmistakable Mathilde style are the key elements for the success of Mathilde story. I am very pleased to discover that in a few years we have succeeded in building an active and loyal brand community. Our clients are so much into our Mathilde creations, that we decided to add the <<M>> tag on the key pieces of clothing. The tag can be seen in different forms: in horizontal or vertical bands or as central element on the back of a coat or jacket. Our community grows year after year, which led to us having increased the production capacity with another factory and having recently launched the second store in Bucharest, in Dorobanți area.”,  Răzvan Gheşea, Mathilde Investment Director stated.

Check out the new spring collection in stores or browse through the e-shop ! Let yourself be inspired by the newest Mathilde creations and be yourself a muse for everyone else wearing Mathilde outfits that highlight your natural style & beauty!


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