The organic product market in Romania is growing by 30% in 2018 (Demo)

In Romania, the sales of organic products register a 30% increase in 2018, according to a study by, one of the niche stores on the bio market.

Organic products have a spectacular growth year-on-year, locally, European, world-wide, despite the fact that they currently do not dominate the food market.

Germany has the largest organic food market with annual sales of 9.5 billion euros. From the point of view of the share of bio products in total food sales, the ranking is headed by Denmark, where 9.4% of all products sold in one year are organic. Other countries consuming bio products are Luxembourg (8.6%), Switzerland (8.4%) and Germany (7%).

“In Romania, the trend of healthy nutrition and the purchase of organic products is rather declarative at the consumers’ level than at the shelf. Sales of organic products are between 2% and 3.5% for most food categories, while in the non-food products area, the share of healthy products in total sales volume does not exceed 2%. Although we can not compare with the countries of the European Union, where the consumption of bio products has a significant percentage, it is worth noting and taking into account the fact that this phenomenon has spread to Romania, and manages to attract more and more consumers year-on-year and export extra quantities of organic food for export to the benefit of our country’s producers,” explains Sergiu Moga, manager of the online store.

The Romanian organic product market, although at the beginning of the road, is a very dynamic one, registering notable increases in recent years. Market players estimate that these increases in the years 2017 and 2018 of 30% are expected to continue the same rate by 2020. Organic foods, cosmetics, ingredients, detergents and food supplements are the best-selling and increasingly demanding. However, compared to other markets in the EU, the Romanian organic products market is still at an early stage.

“Bio products are a small proportion of the market, and after the record increases in recent years, we are confident that more and more consumers will understand the benefits of these products and slowly introduce them into their lifestyle. In Romania, although there are not yet official statistics, the value of the organic product market amounts to approximately EUR 20 million and the growth potential in this area is still high, “adds Moga.

Organic food consumption in Romania has seen an upward trend in recent years, and this is the result of several factors, such as higher purchasing power, better consumer education, more options with regard to retail outlets bio, as well as supermarket chains with areas specially dedicated to such products.

Organic food producers and distributors also play an important role due to efforts to create and support affordable brands. Large retail chains have created separate sections for environmentally-friendly products that offer a wide range of imported products for the most part. Moreover, more and more organic importers and distributors of organic and biological products organize B2B and B2C events to promote a healthy lifestyle and consumption of raw vegan products.


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