The Tailor’s Granddaughter (Demo)

February 15, 2019

I fall in love with people and buildings and books

My Singer is old, but precise.

I pedal and sew, with words concise

Over their hearts and minds and looks.


The needle runs a hundred miles deep

in and out of their fabric – flesh, paper or stone;

I only pedal slower when I hit a bone

Or the fine print, or a brick.


Now, my grandfather had this smooth tailor’s chalk

And I have one piece with me all the time

I mark the people and buildings and books for mine

As soon as they open their mouth and talk.


It’s so important, marking the right spot,

Otherwise the fabric goes to waste.

Tailoring hearts and minds can’t be done in haste;

I look up close before i decide where to cut.


When I book them for the first meeting,

I tell them it’s going to last a day;

I stretch their fabric until they choose to leave or stay;

And for those who stay, I’ll do the fitting.


Dana Tudose-Tianu is an interviewer,  New York-trained family mediator, an expert communicator and leadership trainer. She is a Romanian-American with 20 years of professional experience – 10 in Romania and 10 in the U.S..

Dana is the founder, moderator and co-producer of the online English-language talkshow and interview series, Coffee and Stories.

She is also the founder of the mediation services platform, Casa Tianu.

Dana is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and has completed executive education studies in global leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, as well as two years of legal studies at Concord Law School.

She lives in Bucharest with her two children, Sophie and George.

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