The wine and the divine (Demo)

The wine and the divine (Vin si divin) by Jean-Robert Pitte, a new book launched in the In Vino Veritas Baroque Books Collection, coordinated by AVINCIS

The sacred books and rites of the world’s great religions have always had a close relationship with wine. The euphoria or drunkenness they provide are known to promote access to the divine, while only Muslims must wait for heaven to enjoy its benefits. Wine, beer, sake, pulque, palm wine are at the heart of animist, polytheistic, Christian or Buddhist cultures.

Jean-Robert Pitte

The cult of wine and the great religions were constantly reflected in art and literature. The Greek Symposium (the part of the banquet that took place after a meal, when drinking for pleasure was accompanied by music, dancing or conversation) or Dionysus in the midst of the vineyards, reproduced on an amphora from Villa Giulia in Rome, the texts of Euripides (considered a prefiguration of the Christ Eucharist), the Genesis or The City of God by Saint Augustine are only some of the examples showing the harmony between wine and religion.

Open a bottle of your favorite AVINCIS wine and embark in a historical travel amid people’s beliefs and their relation with this drink of the Gods.

“In vino veritas” is a collection published by the Baroque Books and Arts publisher in collaboration with AVINCIS as part of the AVINCIS initiative to help educate consumers through consistent cultural approaches.


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