The World Football Championship can be watched on Promenada Mall (Demo)

Until July 15th, the Promenada Mall Terrace will be reserved for fans who will be able to experience the excitement of the stadium by watching the FIFA World Cup Football Championship 2018 in the open air at a height. Thus, the whole event will be broadcast on the Promenada Terrace an immense full HD screen with the size of 6.0 x 4.5m, in partnership with the Romanian Television, which owns exclusive TV rights for the most anticipated football event of the year. 

32 teams will play their big trophy in 64 games, which means almost 100 hours of high-level matches. The novelty of the edition, apart from the fact that it is the first cup disputed in a country in Eastern Europe, is video arbitration, which will be used in four situations: whether or not a goal is validated, giving or not a red card, analyzing a phases that can lead to dictating a penalty and correcting a misidentification of a sanctioned player.

Team supporters at this year’s World Cup, as well as nostalgic fans, can book places for the football show at TrickShot, Costadoro Coffee Lab or Al Wady on the Promenada Mall.
Except for June 29, July 4-5, July 8-9 and July 12-13, when there are no matches, the broadcast schedule is as follows:

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