The Year of the Butterfly and Positive Affirmations (Demo)

By Anca Botez




I was just listening to Steve Nobel audio Affirmations for 2018 and he was saying this year is the Year of the Butterfly. What does this mean? It means a lot of people will start to awaken to their spiritual call and embrace the path of spiritual grow.

Steve was also talking about a three year cycle that started in 2016 with the “Year of the Caterpillar”, followed by 2017, the “Year of the Cocoon” and this cycle will end with the “Year of the Butterfly”.


In terms of energy, vibration and collective consciousness, in 2016 a lot of people on Earth started their awakening process though gradual growth. On the other side, 2017 was a steady year without major shifts, preparing us for 2018, a year that will bring major changes in our lives in terms of relationships, career wise and self-development.


Like many of you I am also part of this cycle, as I started my spiritual Journey in 2016 with a past life regression that confirmed my origins and I was able to connect with Soul Resources and gifts from previous lives. From a business woman perspective driven by my analytical mind, I never envisioned this Spiritual Path for myself. Letting go of who I thought I am was definitely my biggest challenge last year. I realized that my old system of beliefs was limiting  my possibilities and I could not feel nor see that all things are possible. My question to you is: do you know who you truly are or do you limit yourself by who you think you are?


Practically, this year a lot of us are starting to open our Heart Consciousness to these endless possibilities and opportunities, it is just a personal choice if we live IN or OUTSIDE the box.

How exactly do we approach this?

We start to shift our behaviour and our way of thinking from a paradigm controlled by our analytical minds to a new paradigm focused on balance, self-centering and heart opening. When we live only in the Mind Consciousness, we question everything, because the mind always needs a logical explanation. This is how the brain is wired, that’s all.


We are all connected on a daily basis to the Mind Matrix:

  • we question our children when they get a grade that we are not happy with: Why did you get a B in the Math Test?
  • we question the husband or the wife when our expectations are not met: Why did you not pay the electricity bill on time? Why did you not take the garbage out?
  • we question ourselves and our self-worth: Why do I feel this job or this love relationship does not fulfill me anymore?


What tools should we use then to make a change, to stop this questioning and create a positive outcome?




Affirmations are very powerful because they change our conscious and unconscious mind, creating space for these new possibilities we were talking about. Your affirmations should have a specific intent and should be filtered though your own system of values and believes. I always recommend to my clients to say the affirmations at least twice and in front of the mirror to add visual validation when speaking the words.


Yours my sound like this:

  • I’m a present, I live fully in this moment, right now (Mindfulness Affirmations)
  • I open myself to new possibilities and new opportunities in my personal and professional life (Growth Affirmations)
  • I love myself and I accept myself just the way I am. I am complete. (Self-Esteem Affirmations)
  • I communicate openly with my partner and we address conflict with respect and empathy (Relationship Affirmations)
  • Each cell in my body is healed, I feel better and better each day (Health Affirmations)


If you struggle with creating your own affirmations and with accountability, contact me, I am here on the path of service to you.


So OUT with the old patterns and believes that keep us in the paradigm of fear and separation and IN with the true, with new possibilities unfolding this year in a new paradigm of unity, love, light and collective consciousness.

Happy New Year and have a blessed Year of the Butterfly!



Anca Donişan Botez is a U.S. certified NLP trainer, interested in personal and business training, founder of project.

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