Timber Reincarnated

By Douglas Williams

The “re” prefix is very much in vogue with recycle, repair and reuse the buzz words of these times.

One Romanian carpenter, Doru Popa, is putting all of these into full effect as he scours his local Valcea area seeking out crumbling old houses. Many of these were originally made from oak and from these he carefully extracts the old timber and takes it back to his workshop in Dragasani. There he carefully and skillfully facilitates the reincarnation of the wood, turning it into beautiful pieces of furniture. The wood he works with is many hundreds of years old.

“My grandfather was a beekeeper and I spent a lot of time with him as a boy. He built his own hives and I would help him and this is where my passion for working with wood comes from,” says Popa. After 20 years of working in Italy, Popa returned to his native Valcea with the very best Italian woodworking equipment and a strong desire to establish his own brand – Buha Wood.

“I love to give new life to old wood, we have made some wonderful, huge mirrors – 2m x 1m – from the door frames of one old house and I think these are pretty special.” His workshop also makes beds, bedside tables, tables, chests of drawers and he will soon be making stools. Currently the workshop is busy completing the furnishings of an entire 15 room, luxury hotel in Italy. 

Check out Buha Wood on Facebook for more information.  

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