Top 5 Home Decor Trends of 2018 (Demo)

By Georgiana Dogaru


The way we decorate our houses is very important as our homes speak about our personalities, our state of mind and it can even have a strong influence on our daily mood. Interior design has become very popular and successful even among fashion houses with many of them launching interior design and home collections and collaborating with property developers. From the runway to our homes it was just a small step. They create beauty to embellish our homes as easily as they create beauty to embellish our bodies. Their involvement in this domain proves to us the importance of the objects we surround ourselves with. You can turn a house into a home with the right accessories. If you are ready to transform your home into a fashion statement, you must include these trends.


Bold colours

Neutral colours like grey or beige are not trendy anymore this year. The best choices for 2018 are dark hues like ruby red, emerald green, navy blue or violet. You can paint your walls in these shades or pick furniture and accessories that will decorate your rooms. A red sofa in your living room, some blue curtains in your dining room or a green lamp in your bedroom will make your house en vogue. Set your imagination free and bring nature into your home.


Botanical prints

Botanical prints are still in fashion and they bring us the feeling of being close to nature in our homes. Nature inspires feelings of joy and peace, so bringing a bit of her beauty indoors will give you more comfort in your bed or at your table. Whether it’s a bed cover or some cushions on the sofa, the beauty of nature induces happiness and calmness. Opening your eyes in the morning and seeing flowers on your bed helps start your day with a smile and gives you the energy to face your challenges and make the best of every minute.


Marble effect

Marble is a very elegant stone and we all love it. This season marble is not only for the countertops in your kitchen or the tiles of your bathroom. In 2018 it’s very trendy to have marble patterns on your home accessories as well. You can try it with your bedsheets, your dinner plates, the flower vase or the toothbrush holder. 



Geometric accents

Geometric decors are full of colour and very bold this year. If you have a taste for adventure, you can paint colourful geometric shapes on your walls or simply put a rug or some cushions that have some triangles, squares, circles or rhomboids. You can also put some tiles in your bathroom, wallpaper in your bedroom or a triangle mirror on your living room wall. This is a good way to make peace with the geometry classes that were torturing you in high school and use it in a funny way.



The fringe is very stylish this spring in fashion and from the runway it leapt straight into our homes. The fringe is everywhere, from chandeliers and lamps, to mirrors, sofas, cushions and curtains. Fringes will make your home look interesting and different and if your sense of humour is there, you can match them with an outfit. After all, your home is a part of your life and you love making it look good as much as you love making yourself look pretty. 



Georgiana Dogaru is a journalist and a fashion blogger. Her career highlights include experience in the mass media field as a news editor for a business newspaper and television. You can read her blog at

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