Transylvania Train, a unique travel experience (Demo)

A tourist event, a train trip, but not only. A chain of unique experiences: from tinkling to wine tasting and untold stories about the people of Transylvania. Three medieval towns where we are hosts of the best hotels: Sighisoara, Alba Iulia and Sibiu where we will be greeted with drums and noise or cannons. Musical events specially organized for us: organ concert, fanfare and classical music concert. Culinary experiences gathered from the past recipes of minorities that influenced the Transylvanian region.

Transilvania Train is organized by two travel agencies, Globe 365 and Free Spirit, and it is a unique travel-by-train concept in Romania. The travel lovers will be able to explore the most beautiful areas of Transylvania and to discover the culture and the traditions of this region.

The first edition of this program is organized in partnership with CFR Calatori, and the train that will be used by the travellers has five bistro-wagons. Also, a team of 30 people – from travel guides to photographs, cooks and someliers – will assist all travellers.

In the 19th century, with the invention of means of transport such as the airship, the car with internal combustion engine or the steam locomotive, the journeys became accessible to the general public, thus achieving a tourist purpose. The journey we highlight here is not just a move from point A to point B, but rather a incursion into a new world and implicitly a widening of cultural horizons. In other words, you are traveling, discovering and equally rediscovering yourself.


From August 31 to September 3, 2017, we expect you to take part in a special trip on 40 wheels powered by 2000 horses! 

Adventure consists of a four-day train trip, flexible and customized, including educational and recreational activities. In the meantime, you will go through a route that includes cities filled with history, you will attend wine tasting, outdoor dinners, traditional tiling workshops or medieval ironworks. In addition to these activities, you will take part in photo, medieval or horseback riding courses, cycle tours and, perhaps, you will discover your new passions.

The train will start from Brasov, you will board in the sound of the fanfare and you will cross the heart of Transylvania, passing through cities like Brasov, Saschiz, Sighisoara, Medias, Alba Iulia, Sebes, Sibiu and Fagaras. Alba Carolina Fortress is one of the largest fortifications with bastions in the Southeastern Europe and just one of the many historical monuments whose whole story will be discovered by you while visiting them with our guides.

The price of the tour varies from a Confort package of 650 euro to a Premium package of 780 euro. The packages include: transport with train and bus, for the 4 days; 3 nights of accomodation plus breakfast in 3&4 stars hotels; meals (lunch and dinner); 3 workshops; entrance fees to touristic landmarks; all drinks and snacks in the train; all activities in the train and in the cities where the train stops.

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