Two editorial projects done by expat women (Demo)

On Thursday, May 31st, at Bookfest, starting 6:00 p.m. two books will be launched: “Celebrating Food around the World” / “Sărbătorind mâncarea în jurul lumii” – authored by the Spouses of Heads of Mission of Bucharest (SPOHOM) and “Celebrating Romania Through the Lenses of Expat Women” – an editorial project signed by a group of expat women. The event will take place at Romexpo, Pavilion B2, AGORA stage.



The authors, representatives of the diplomatic corps and The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Romania, Master Chef Adi Hadean as well as other outstanding personalities from different fields of activity will be present.

Both editorial projects have a charitable purpose, as funds raised from sales will be donated to non-governmental organizations. The two volumes can be purchased at Bookfest, until June 3rd, the last day of the fair.

“Celebrating food around the world” / “Sărbătorind mâncarea în jurul lumii”

Signed by the Spouses of Heads of Mission of Bucharest (SPOHOM), this full-colour, bilingual cookbook “Celebrating Food around the World” / “Sărbătorind mâncarea în jurul lumii” presents healthy and easy-to-cook recipes from 26 countries on six continents, ranging from appetizers to main courses, side dishes and desserts. The book includes a special contribution by Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Romanian Crown, who graciously provided the foreword and a recipe. Each recipe is preceded by a short historical or personal introduction and accompanied by a variety of photos, including some of ambassadorial dining settings, taken by talented professional food photographers Alina Miron and Bogdan Popescu.

The book is an initiative of the Spouses of the Heads of Missions of Bucharest (SPOHOM) from Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Republic of Korea, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, who signed the Foreword, says: “This book has a very special «flavour» and each recipe will inspire you. Each delightful recipe shares a story from a different journey. I am sure it will be a great pleasure to cook for your friends and family exploring the cultural flavors from around the world”.

Adi Hadean, who wrote the book’s Preface, says: „I was fascinated by the remarkable cultural references provided for each recipe and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves food as much as I do. If you have ever wondered how certain dishes came into existence and how they became linked to the traditions and history of a people, you will be captivated by this book. One of the few cookbooks that belongs as much in a library as in a kitchen, it should be read carefully, with a glass of wine and an open mind.”

Combining cultural diplomacy and fundraising, the book aims to provide accessibility to the various cultures through the universal language of food, while raising funds to contribute to a better and brighter future for youngsters and disadvantaged Romanians. Due to the generosity and the voluntary work of the spouses of the ambassadors and valuable contributions from the staff of embassies and residences, professionals and local sponsors, the entire purchase price of the book will be donated to The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Romania ( and Our Lady of Mercy Association in Romania ( More information about the book is available at

“Celebrating Romania Through the Lenses of Expat Women”

The book “Celebrating Romania Through the Lenses of Expat Women” includes photographs taken by 30 amateur photographers from 20 countries who currently live in Romania. The book reaches its ninth edition this year and marks 100 years since the signing of the Alba Iulia Declaration. The Preface is signed by Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania: “I congratulate the women authors from the bottom of my heart for the noble idea of this charitable project, which not only provides help for people in need, but also promotes Romania’s image”.

The project “Romania Through the Lenses of Expat Women” started in 2010 in an attempt to combine the passion for photography of the authors with the desire to offer something to the country in which they live now. Each participant in the project provide five photos, which then pass through the filter of a jury made up of professional photographers, volunteer mentors of the project. They choose two photos for the book, and a few others for the exhibition and for the cover. The funds from the sale of the book and prints at the photo exhibition are donated to charitable organizations.

This year the jury was made up of Mihai Constantineanu, Helmut Ignat and Dan Draghicescu, and the funds raised will go to Casa Ioana (, Ana and the Children (, Association for Social Services SCUT ( and Open-Door Foundation(

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