Ursus Breweries launches Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s number one beer (Demo)

Ursus Breweries launches Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s number one beer in the world and beer number one in Japan, a fine and refreshing beer, perfected by Japanese technology.

Asahi Super Dry is the first product of the Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd. portfolio launched on the Romanian market under the license that complements the Ursus Breweries super premium brand portfolio.

Asahi Super Dry is a non-pasteurized blonde beer with a complex flavor made from the finest ingredients that gives it a sophisticated flavor, fine, fresh and refreshing (Super Dry), perfect with Japanese technology. In addition to the basic ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast, Asahi Super Dry also contains a unique ingredient specific to Japanese culture, namely rice, which gives it a delicate taste and complements the flavor of the product.

Beer is produced through a manufacturing process that involves innovative technologies specifically designed to ensure Super Dry taste. Through the micro-filtration and extended maturation process, freshness of pure Karakuchi taste is achieved. Also, the high level of fermentation improves freshness and contributes to a fresh and refreshing taste, complemented by a consistent foam.

Continuous concern for improving Super Dry’s quality and excellence has made Asahi Super Dry gold medalist in numerous international competitions – the World Beer Cup in 2014 (also known as the Beer Olympics) and the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2015.

Known as Karakuchi in Japanese, the Super Dry and Refreshing Super Dry is certainly the distinguishing feature of the Asahi Super Dry brand on the Romanian market. In 1987, when it was launched in Japan, it produced a revelation in the beer category due to its unique taste and especially because it was easy to drink and could be enjoyed by any type of food, even fish or seafood, specific to Japanese culture . Consumers immediately appreciated this, and Asahi Super Dry soon became not only beer no. 1 in Japan, but also the best-selling Japanese beer in the world, already present in approx. 70 countries”, says Cristina Gherman, Global Brands Director, Ursus Breweries.

The packaging completes visually the Japanese beer number one in the world * and number one in Japan with a minimalist, urban and sophisticated label. The silver tag contains the Karakuchi symbol, a kanji icon that signifies the “dry taste”.

The new assortment is available in modern trade chains and in various locations across the country, in an exclusive package of 330 ml refillable glass.

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