Wearing good deeds for children’s health and education (Demo)

Merci Charity Boutique association provides support to humanitarian causes involving children with medical and social problems, through health and education programs.

To fulfill its mission, the association opened in 2012 the first charity concept store in Romania, a place with its own identity, located in the old centre of Bucharest. This place is a cultural teahouse with surprising decor, it is also an antique store with decorations and art items and a shop with clothing and accessories. The charity boutique functionned for a few years, when the team, Alina and Daniela, decided to open a social tailor shop, Atelier Merci.


Since November 2015, Atelier Merci helps to integrate children into society and raise money to support them. In the social tailor shop, the team creates clothing for women and recycles donations received from individuals and textile plants. All the items resulted from the tailor shop have a stamped sign ̒ I wear a good deed̓  because 100% of the profit goes back into our charity projects.



Health & education projects

Our association developed in 2017 a mobile solution for dental healthcare dedicated to children located in poor communities, both rural and urban, and children with cancer, a group with no access to dental services: a mobile dental facility, under the name “Zâna Merciluță”.



This is a van equipped identically to a dental cabinet, where we collaborate with volunteer dentists who travel monthly with the association’s team in poor rural communities, offering prophylactic dentistry to children in need. Since July 2017, we have offered dental assistance to more than 600 children from 11 villages in Iași and Mureș county, and children from the Institute of Oncology Bucharest. After being seen by the doctor, each child received toothpaste and a toothbrush.

In the past year, we also contributed to creating a legal framework for the functioning of mobile medical facilities in Romania. It was a long process, but soon we will have a law for the functioning of mobile medical facilities, which will allow public (state owned structures and NGO’s) or private companies to open mobile medical facilities, having a legal framework to support their work. This legal framework will allow mobile medical facilities and the staff to also provide treatment. In our case, it will allow our mobile dental facility to offer also treatment to poor children, not just prophylactic dentistry. 1100 000 children are living in poverty and have little or no access to dental healthcare services. Therefore, their dental health is already precarious and there is already the need for dental treatment. It is too late for dental prevention in most of the cases.




In the long term, the goal of the association is to build a foundation that fosters advocacy for mobile healthcare solutions in various fields of medicine, encourages the design of tools for impact measurement, and facilitates collaboration among healthcare providers, designed to serve the underprivileged: disadvantaged rural and poor urban communities.

Apart from this health project, we support 8 children from villages located in Mureș and Olt county to continue their studies in the city through a monthly scholarship of 500 lei/child. This covers accomodation and food in the boarding school, school supplies and transportation. This is possible thanks to a company and individuals who support the children’s scholarships. Our children are already in the 10th grade.

How can you help?

Help can come in a variety of forms:

You can buy products from our social tailor shop “Atelier Merci” (www.ateliermerci.ro), having in mind that 100% of the profit goes back into our charity projects.

We can organize together a fashion show with products from our tailor shop if you gather a community of at least 30 people interested in doing a good deed.

If you are dentist or dental products supplier, you can get involved in “Zâna Merciluță” project: you can dedicate a part of your time by volunteering in our mobile dental facility or as dental supplier company, you can donate dental care or dental supplies to use them in our program and offer free dental treatment to children.

If you are a company, you can choose to donate up to 20% of the tax revenue to our cause through sponsorship.

Moreover, we are located in a lovely place in the second district, Foișor area, where we can host meetings, trainings for 20-25 people and your donation for using our space, supports one of our projects.



If you have some other ideas, you can contact us by e-mail:

[email protected] or [email protected] or phone: 0726.008.152




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