Wedding Dress Trends for 2018 (Demo)

The whole world had eyes on Meghan Markle’s wedding dress and we all rediscovered the beauty that is to be found in simplicity. Nothing can be more inspiring for a future bride than a princess and I am sure that Meghan has created a trend with her beautiful gown, but designers also have their own versions of the perfect gown. We’ve all dreamt of being Cinderella, and on our wedding day, we are the princesses of our fairytale, so let’s see how we can be a trendy Cinderella. Don’t worry if you haven’t been to Brides Fashion Week, we brought you the latest trends for 2018, to inspire you and make the choice easier. There are models for every bride, from bold and nonconformist to traditional and classic, so you will definitely find your perfect dress if you will be a bride this year.

By Georgiana Dogaru


Princess cape

You are neither Meghan Markle nor Grace Kelly, but you are definitely the princess of your own story, so why not look like one? If you want to be different, but still look stylish, replace the train or veil with a sophisticated cape that will give you a romantic fairy tale look. Regardless of the length of your dress, adding a cape will make you chic and it will be a good way to transform your dress by taking it off at your reception. This way, you will be formal at your ceremony wearing the cape and look quite different at the reception without it.

Detached sleeves

From bouffant to tight-fitting and lacy, detached sleeves can be a distinctive accent in your outfit. They also look like a fairy tale detail, so if you are a romantic girl, you can consider picking a dress with detachable sleeves. They are an important trend this year and they can make magic, transforming your whole dress in a second.



If you like the vintage style but you also want to be trendy, the mid-length is the one for you. Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress in “Funny Face” is iconic for this type of gown, designers brought it back this season, so if you love vintage clothes, you are free to pick a mid-length dress.



Colourful shades

Most brides wear white and this will always be the top choice for weddings, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the perfect time to take a risk on colours. Pink, blue, gold and nude can colour your day and put a fresh twist on the most beautiful moment of our life.


Wedding trousers

If you are not a traditional girl and you do everything differently, you should be yourself even on your wedding day. Designers have thought of girls like you and they have created wedding outfits with trousers. Dresses will always be the top pic, but you can look chic and comfortable in jumpsuits and pantsuits without being out of fashion. Adding a train, you will be dressy enough for the ceremony and also keep a nonconformist appearance.



Bows are a classic detail, they have been in fashion for many seasons and they seem like they’re not going to go anywhere too soon. They are in all shapes and sizes, proving that a traditional element can be transformed and adapted to all tastes. They are the oldest and most classical adornment to put on a wedding dress. They are not any more that classy detail for the back or for the waistline. You can have bows on your shoulders, on the chest, or wherever you want, and you will be in vogue.

Romanian designers naturally follow the international trends but they are also good at maintaining a traditional note. If you are a bride to be in Romania, then you shouldn’t be worried about your dress. You can find beautiful outfits that are classy, modern, traditional or rebellious, just the way you are. Every girl is different, and her wedding dress should show that.

You should always follow the trends, but your own personality and taste should not be neglected. The element that makes the dress perfect is to feel yourself wearing it. Trends change every season (more or less), but elegance and refinement will always be trendy. Remember that happy girls are the most beautiful girls and don’t forget to add the magic ingredient to your perfect wedding look: a pretty, happy smile that will make your face glow with beauty.



Georgiana Dogaru is a journalist and a fashion blogger. Her career highlights include experience in the mass media field as a news editor for a business newspaper and television. You can read her blog at

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