What can you do at The Great Picnic ShortsUP, besides movies (Demo)

On the warm summer days, when the heat seizes the whole city, the island of Bucharest Botanical Garden becomes the perfect place to escape. The Great Picnic ShortsUP will take place on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30, from 18:00 to 23:30, and offers two outdoor cinema evenings and a lot of extra-activities designed to trigger the summer holiday spirit: workshops for families and children, garden tours, 3D live drawing on trees, Frisbee and slackline courses, a playground area, a hammock lounge just perfect to stay away from the sun before the movies start.

Until 21:30, the time when the screenings start, you have enough time to relax and spoil yourself, just like a weekend holiday. Put your picnic blanket in the backpack,come in the mood for binging some good shorts movies and chilling on the green grass.

Here’s what you can do extra:

  1. Cooking workshops for families and kids by Mini Zucchini

Mini Zucchini is an educational project where children explore culinary art, being encouraged to prepare various international dishes and to make the most of their imagination. On the first day of picnic, between 18:00 and 21:00, the little ones will be able to prepare smoothies, and on the next day, in the same time interval, raw brownies (from caju, almonds and dried fruits). The price for attendance at the workshop is 15 lei, including the result of the work.


  1. Guided tours – discover the secrets of Bucharest Botanical Garden

During the two days of the event, we invite you to a walk through the Botanical Garden, where you can discover the place where over 10,000 species of herbaceous, woody, exotic or tropical plants are found. Garden tours are coordinated by our friends from Team Work Association and will start at 18:00 on Saturday and ending at 21:00. The duration of a tour is 30-40 minutes and is free of charge for any Great Picnic attendee.


  1. Playground area – Frisbee

It cannot be really a picnic without games, so come prepared to plat badminton on grass, volleyball and hoola hoops. Also, the meadow from the Botanical Garden it ideal to specialize in playing Frisbee, which encourages resposability and fair play. Ultimate Frisbee will take a series of courses for those interested in this sport. Every day from 18.00 to 21.30.


  1. Slackline courses

The brave ones will be able to test their balance on a strap between two trees. The slackline community in Bucharest will guide any participant interested in experiencing this activity, which involves flexibility, concentration, relaxation, creativity and fun.


  1. 3D Live Painting on trees

30 minutes before the short movies start, on the green décor on the island, nature will come to live through a live drawing session, the whole magic moment being made by OnScreen.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/245153829322906/

Tickets available on Eventbook (https://eventbook.ro/film/bilete-marele-picnic-shortsup-editia-4-2017) and Eventim network (http://www.eventim.ro/ro/bilete/marele-picnic-shortsup-editia-4-bucuresti-gradina-botanica-468543/event.html).

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