WINGS | Creative Leadership Lab takes off (Demo)

WINGS | Creative Leadership Lab is a nomad Lab that flies worldwide to work with high-potential creative people and organisations from the worlds of advertising, PR, digital & social, marketing, media and beyond.

It delivers an engaging and compelling participatory experience: a mix of consultancy, workshops and hands-on training on creativity, on leadership and, more often than not, on both and how they can strengthen each other.

In most companies, while climbing up the career ladder, creative people become experts at their craft, but often aren’t able to develop their leadership skills at the same time. Seasoned creative executives can rarely allocate enough time to mentor up-and-coming leaders; when they do, they often struggle to pass on their skills effectively, as many of them alsonever benefitted from structured leadership training.

There is currently little on offer for companies looking for external support to turn their best creative people into creative leaders. What there is, is rarely specific to the creative sector, concentrated in only a couple of global hubs, often too theoretical, very expensive and can involve a significant amount of time away from the office. As a consequence, creative leadership development can often become reserved for just a few people, usually the most senior leaders of larger organisations, who can afford it.

“Learning the ropes of creative leadership when you’re already at senior executive level is a little too late for most creative people. Why crawl and stumble for years through the everyday challenges, with painful consequences for everyone involved, when you could fly high right from the start?I’ve founded WINGS because I want to democratise creative leadership consultancy so that more people, from more markets and organisations can take wing with confidence,” said Gabriela Lungu, the founder of WINGS | Creative Leadership Lab.

WINGS provides a new option: Pragmatic. Democratic. Convenient. Condensed. Engaging. Effective. WINGS can fly everywhere it is needed. No market and no firm is too big or too small, and the sessions – short and effective – can be organised right where people live and work. In the pre-launch phase, it has already travelled to India, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria, and by the end of the year will have been to Spain, Romania and the UK. All the information about WINGS can be found at

The visual identity for WINGS was created by Bianca Dumitrascu(, a multidisciplinary designer specialising in typography and lettering: “I wanted to express graphicallythe creative enthusiasm of WINGS, and therefore I selected dynamic elements and colours. WINGS is a lively, modular brand, full of energy.”

Gabriela Lungu, the founder of WINGS | Creative Leadership Lab, has been a senior creative executive for 13 years. She has worked for more than 20 years in the creative sector for top firms in advertising, PR and social (such as Ogilvy, Weber Shandwick, and TBWA), in different countries, cultures and environments: local and international firms, large and small, independent and networked, mostly agency but also client side.

She is a multi-award-winning creative director, and a creative entrepreneur, having previously built an agency from scratch, growing it to become one of the most awarded agencies of its kind; the firm was acquired by the global network Publicis Groupe.

Gabriela is often invited to speak at local and international industry events, and to judge A-list competitions; she was Jury Chair for Clio Awards and Dubai Lynx, and has been a jury member for D&AD, Cannes Lions, Effie, SABRE, Campaign Big Awards, Ad Stars and other high profile awards.



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