Works signed by Dinu Lipatti, recorded for the first time (Demo)

In the year of celebrating the Centenary of the Grand Union, pianist Stefan Doniga and violinist Diana Jipa have proposed to make an important project of restitution of works signed by one of the most important personalities of universal music – Dinu Lipatti. 

Although it has remained in the universal memory as one of the world’s greatest pianists, it is almost 70 years since its passing, its compositional activity is still relatively unknown and especially inaccessible to the general public.

The young musicians Diana Jipa and Stefan Doniga undertook to bring to light some works signed by the famous Romanian pianist, many of them at the first recording in the studio.

” To contribute to the restoration of undeniable values ​​in the public circuit is a duty for a professional in every field, all the more so in the culture. Doing this for a genius representative of your country’s culture is an honor. And to do such a job in the company of an outstanding professional as violinist Diana Jipa is a huge joy. “- said Stefan Doniga, the initiator of this request.

The project was divided into three phases, first album titled product registration ,, Dinu Lipatti – composer, recording for the first time “ . Then, a national touring and recitals tour in 6 cities in Romania from 29 October to 6 November 2018: Brăila, Giurgiu, Focsani, Cluj, Satu Mare and Bucharest. Last but not least, a campaign to distribute 500 copies of the compact disc in high schools, music schools, libraries and cultural centers in Romania and abroad.

The project is part of a wider interest in the research and repositioning of Dinu Lipatti’s creation and biography, both in the Romanian context, but above all universally. Dinu Lipatti is among the top pianists of all time, ranking by the prestigious BBC Music Magazine. There are specialists and musicologists who in recent years have done intense actions to recover their records or photos, transcribing this musician’s correspondence that completely changed the interpretative paradigm at the beginning of the 20th century, although his life and career were suddenly cut to only 33 years.

The “Dinu Lipatti – Composer, Premiere Records” CD Promotion Tournament is organized by the Heart-Core Association, co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration with the support of Radio Romania Music.

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