World Class acquires Stay Fit Oltenitei and expands its health & fitness network in the South of Bucharest (Demo)

The expansion of the largest health and fitness network in Romania continues with the newest acquisition from Stay Fit, a local fitness network owning 4 clubs in Bucharest.

The Stay Fit Oltenitei Gym club, situated on 4A Olteniței Avenue, near the subway station Eroii Revolutiei, will become World Class Eroii Revoluției, the 32nd World Class club in the country and the 25th in Bucharest. The location consolidates the position of World Class Romania in southern Bucharest, a largely populated urban area with great potential, where new residential projects are emerging.

Only 7.5% of Romanians exercise at least two and a half hours a week (Eurostat). This percentage places Romania on the last place in Europe, in a top dominated by the Nordic countries (Finland comes first with 53%).

The low percentage of Romanians who turn sport and health into an everyday priority has become, for World Class, the starting point of its mission with the launch of the #BeHealthy Movement: to inspire, motivate and educate more Romanians to be more active more often to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

That is why World Class periodically organizes health and fitness public events that actively communicate the benefits of active living. At the same time, World Class continues to open new clubs in accessible areas to encourage Romanians to start exercising and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life through sports and fitness.

“By acquiring Stay Fit Oltenitei, we extend our network of services and provide new benefits to our members who will be able to exercise closer to home and work. It is a good location that strengthen our health & fitness network in the Oltenitei area. This new move represents a step forward into our mission to motivate and inspire Romanians to be more active, in order to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, by this acquisition. We are proud of our team of health & fitness experts and we are equally proud of our growing #BeHealthy movement and now we will reach out to more people in Bucharest. Together we demonstrate that Romania can be a healthier and happier nation through health and fitness. Strategically located in a highly residential area, the new World Class Eroii Revoluției is a new opportunity to make our health & fitness services accessible to more and more Romanians”, said Kent Orrgren, World Class Romania CEO.

The new World Class club will be inaugurated on September 28 and will be included in the Bronze category. World Class members will enjoy ultra-modern facilities, high ceiling on an area of ​​1,200 square meters with cycling, aerobic, Cross Fitness studios and a generous training room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

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