World Class Romania and Under Armour announce a strategic long-term partnership (Demo)

World Class Romania has made a goal of encouraging physical activity among Romanians and with every signed association will spread its mission further. Today, the leading health and fitness chain in Romania, World Class, announces a strategic long-term partnership with Under Armour – one of the most important professional sport equipment and shoes producers worldwide.


By joining forces, Under Armour and World Class will offer various benefits to its members, focusing on encouraging more people to adopt a healthy routine and facilitating ways to improve their life while becoming more active.


“We wanted more than a collaboration partner and the only way to achieve this is with someone who is like-minded. We are honored to announce the strategic long-term partnership with Under Armour, a strong internationally recognized brand. This is an important step to continue our work in influencing the people to become more active, more often, while promoting health and an active lifestyle. The best have joined forces and Under Armour shares an unyielding commitment to excellence as well as a growing enthusiasm and a desire to spread a relevant message about the power, the energy and the resistance. Through passion and relentless pursuit of innovation, I do believe this association will help us to successfully achieve our goal: to inspire people to include sports in their daily routine.“, stated Kent Orrgren, CEO World Class Romania.


According to a recent study on the wearing perception of sportswear, done by the Graduate Institute of Sports Science, National College of Physical Education and Sports, the relationship between choosing the right sportswear and the gym is, actually, a psychological result. The results confirm that if people have the right sportswear and feel better in them is more possible to feel more confident and positive about their exercises and perform to gym schedule. On the other hand, when people choose their sportswear, they pick up mostly of the time the brand and outfit style, and not the functionality, which is more important. About 93% of the athletes and sportive feel acceptable or satisfied of the ready-made sportswear and the satisfaction of men and women is quite the same. However, they still suggested many improving factors, such as style or functional properties of fabrics.


After the first opening in Baneasa Shopping City, The Under Armour store in Afi Cotroceni becomes the second opening of the brand in Romania. Under Armour commercializes clothing, shoes wear and sport equipment for men, women and youth and will definitely become the favorite destination for athletes and for those who practice sports regularly.




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