World Class Romania will open a new club at Veranda Mall (Demo)

Two and a half hours per week is the minimum level of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In the EU, Finland leads the top with 54.1% of its population practicing sports for at least two hours and a half per week, while Romania ranks the last, with only 7,5% (Eurostat). However, Romanians are starting to take up on the healthy living trend and statistics look promising in the big cities. Setting #BeHealthy as its main slogan starting this year, the leading health and fitness chain in Romania, World Class is enforcing its presence in the main urban areas of Romania with the soon-to-open 33rd health and fitness center located in Veranda Mall, Bucharest.

Each and every new World Class center that we open in Romania is a strategic move that takes us one step closer to our mission: to influence and educate more and more Romanians to adopt a more active lifestyle while practicing sports. It is always about health and life fulfillment. That is why the locations of our health and fitness centers, together with our health and fitness experts are also strategic and contribute to the educational process we have passionately engaged in: we bring sports and fitness right at hand of the busy people in busy cities, in order to encourage and support them to practice fitness and sports on their way to work, on their way home or even on their lunch break”, said Kent Orrgren, CEO World Class Romania.

Obor district is a high-density population area in Bucharest that has recently seen tremendous development with the inauguration of Veranda Mall. The new state-of-the-art club in Veranda Mall will be opened in the second part of the year, covering 1.500 square meters. The residents in proximity will be able to enjoy the high-quality services provided by World Class health and fitness experts.

Among the benefits, the members will be able to try the fully equipped fitness gym, cardio and strength areas and a modern functional fitness one, immersive aerobic and cycling experiences in the dedicated studios. Integrated at Bronze package category, the club offers its members the chance to upgrade to different type of memberships while testing various training programs suitable for their active lifestyle.


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