ZAREA 7 Stars, history that is worth telling (Demo)

A golden amber color, ZAREA 7 Stars is a balanced drink with a delicate, but complex, long-lasting taste that captures the attention of the most demanding connoisseurs.

ZAREA 7 Stars is the drink created by a century-old producer with a history that can always be the subject of a sparkling conversation between friends. The story of this spirits distilled from old wine in oak barrels is very interesting. In the 1950’s, the most noble drinks were made at ZAREA 5, the section of “High Quality Cognacs”, where real masters of taste twinned distillate, alcohol and natural macerates, completing their talents in the art of distilled beverages. Zarea, Danube and Tomis are just a few of the brands made in the ZAREA winery, brands that are awarded in international competitions.

The tradition of producing high-quality spirits is recognized today, when Romanian consumers voted ZAREA as No. 1 in terms of Quality in the Spirit Drinks category according to the QUDAL – QUALITY meDAL market study conducted by ICERTIAS in Romania ( www. )

ZAREA 7 Stars is a Romanian beverage with a fine, sophisticated tradition. This experience of taste and smell is ideal to be shared with friends at the holiday table, along with stories about other times or fresh news about the latest achievements.

ZAREA 7 Stars can be found in a bottle of premium presentation in liters of 0.5L, 0.7L or in a stylish box ready to be offered a gift, ZAREA Connaisseur with 2 elegant glasses.


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