Zarea proposes two Lambrusco varieties this summer (Demo)

Sparkling wine producer Zarea launches two types of frizzant wine in the Lively Collection, suitable for summer consumption.

Lambrusco Rosé and Lambrusco Red complement the Lively Collection consisting of Zarea Prosecco and Zarea Gran Secco Rosé.

Both assortments are suitable for any time of the day, proposing a floral flavor appropriate to many different types of food.

Along with the Zarea I Love (Romanian Tahatio and Muscat Rose) line, Lively Collection is the proposal from Zarea for the summer of 2018.

With a tradition dating back to 1912, Zarea is the country’s largest producer of sparkling wine based on sales.

Zarea’s main shareholder is the Schloss Wachenheim German group, through its Polish subsidiary, Ambra.

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