Zonga, the Romanian music service, is launching internationally (Demo)

Zonga, the no. 1 Romanian music service, will be launched internationally on December 1st. After 5 years on the local market, the service will be also available for the 5 million Romanians that live abroad.

Thus, Romanians can discover on Zonga their favorite Romanian singers and playlists with music from different genres – pop, rock, folk or romantic songs. In other words, the Romanian diaspora will be able to listen to over 50.000 songs, which means approximately 4.000 hours of 100% Romanian music.

To promote the new service, November was the prelaunch month for #ZongaInternational which featured an interactive map where Romanians that live abroad could send pictures from all over the world with Romanian songs that they would love to listen to on Zonga.

So far, the #ZongaInternational pictures reached 4 continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Africa) and some of the most beautiful ones were the ones from Baghdad, Dublin, London and Aarhus. The launch plans will not stop here:

“We talked with many people from the Romanian diaspora and we came to the conclusion that music represents for them one of the most important anchors to their home country. Even if they live outside of Romania now, they still love to listen to Romanian music and local radio stations. Also, they like to meet in Romanian communities and have parties where they listen to a lot of Romanian music.

We want Zonga to bring them the feeling that they are almost home through music and this is the reason why we chose 1st of December, Romania’s National Holiday, as the official launching date. We want to show Romanians which live abroad that they are very important for their country.

We created playlists with Romanian music for every moment of their life and we hope that, at their next party, they will listen to Romanian music on Zonga”, said Zonga CEO, Sergiu Biriș.

The apps will be available for Android and iOS smartphones. All users which activated a “Dor de casa” subscription on Zonga can listen to music without ads. Also, the “Offline” mode will be available, which means that you can still listen to music even if you are not connected to the internet.

Those from the Romanian diaspora that want to try Zonga have two different subscription options:

  • Zonga Free. Users can listen to all the Romanian music with ads and without the availability of the “Offline” mode option.
  • Zonga „Dor de casă” – 2,99 EUR/month. Users can listen to all the Romanian music without any ads. The “Offline” mode option is available.

Zonga is the biggest Romanian music service which was launched in 2012. Our mission is to offer Romanians the possibility of enjoying music in a legal way, anytime, anywhere.

Through our partnerships with international and local music labels, Zonga offers legal access to over 36 million songs at the highest quality. The catalog is continuously updated with the latest official songs as soon as they are available for streaming.


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